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The Chronopoint Chronicles

READER WARNING: This series is on a temporary hiatus as I finish up The Fae of Alastríona series. Thank you for your patience. Kiuno and friends will return soon!


Running with the Wolves

Running_With_the_Wolves_JE_Reed little.jpg

It’s a race to reach the final realm. In this deadly RPG, there’s no reset button.

All she knows is that Kiuno is her gamertag, not her real name. Suddenly transported along with millions of other players into a treacherous medieval world, she must seek the one thing she still remembers: her family and husband. And if she can’t control the magic connected to the stone on her bracelet, she may die before she finds them.

Battling alongside new allies and friends, Kiuno struggles to max her archery skills and beat back brutal monsters on her quest to reunite. But as the body count and the danger rise, Kiuno has to unlock her growing power. Because this environment isn’t virtual, and death doesn’t come with a respawn…

Can Kiuno transform into the warrior she needs to be before a dark horde destroys her loved ones?

Running with the Wolves is the first book in the gripping Chronopoint Chronicles YA/NA fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, fast-paced action, and unique magic, then you’ll love J.E. Reed’s thrilling tale.

Buy Running with the Wolves to level up in the chase for survival today!

2019 Literary Classics 1st Place Gold in Young Adult

2019 literary Classics 1st Place Gold in Science Fiction

2019 Royal Dragonfly 2nd Place Silver in Sci-Fi / Fantasy

2019 Royal Dragonfly 2nd Place Silver in Overall Fiction

Rise of the Wolves

He's been watching...

Kiuno stands on the frontlines. She’s battled grueling trials, crippling heartache, and the horrendous monsters of the realms. But looming shadows tell her the battle is far from over.

Monstrous forces are gathering with the intent to tear them all apart. Whispers of war and betrayal increase unrest among the alliances, and rumors of the lightning user are spreading.

They need to reach the end of this wretched game, but it’ll take an army and with the leaders at odds, can anyone bring them together?

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Feral Magic_ebook.jpg

Feral Magic

A deadly race for survial. Not everyone will win.


Vixin isn't her real name and this isn't home. Unlike most girls her age, Vixin never found herself fascinated with pretty dresses or shoes. She much preferred the feel of a blade in her hand or the rush of the kill while hunting. But that was before this world. Now those skills are the only thing separating her from predator or prey.


Thieving isn't exactly what she had in mind, but when Vixin runs across a small band she joins them, her attention shifting from survival to the young man leading their troupe. But death lingers and what started as a fun endeavor quickly turns her into the hunted.


With new allies, Vixin is forced to implement everything her father taught her, not only to keep herself alive but her newfound friends as well.


Can Vixin learn to control her magic and work with a team or will they all be added to this world's ever-growing body count?


Feral Magic is the first spinoff from Reed's gripping Chronopoint Chronicles YA/NA fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, fast-paced action, and unique magic, then you'll love J.E. Reed's thrilling tale.


Buy Feral Magic to join the race for survival today!


This book can be read as a standalone.

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