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The Fae of Alastríona

She's Royalty. He's Unbelievably Wicked.

The Divine and the Cursed

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From multi-award-winning author J.E. Reed comes a breathtaking new series full of love and survival.

A queen in hiding. Two countries at war.

When eighteen-year-old Arianna is stolen from her family and sold into slavery, she spends months disguised as a half-breed Fae struggling against the devastations of a decade-long war. But she never expected to find herself at the mercy of her country's greatest enemy.

General Rion is ruthless and commanding. He relishes in his reputation as The Demon-a vile creature incapable of love or compassion. With a secret no one can know, Arianna strives to placate him while plotting her escape, but sometimes fate has other plans and rumors can't always be trusted.

She'll have to make a choice. Kill the most feared male on the continent or stay and let a forbidden bond take root. But what will happen when he discovers her secret?

Trigger Warnings: War, Violence, Slavery, Torture, Death, Blood, Starvation, Kidnapping, Injury, SA (no on page descriptions only mentioned), Loss of a Parent

A #1 Amazon Category Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy ebooks!

Number 1 New Release in 3 Categories!

#1 Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance ebooks

#1 Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

#1 Teen & Young Adult Fantasy Romance

The Revered and the Pariah

A kingdom full of secrets. A queen ready to rise.

Arianna's story continues in the second book in the #1 bestselling The Fae of Alastríona series by J.E. Reed

Having just barely survived the brutality of slavery and war, Arianna has finally revealed herself as The Divine but has yet to fully understand the heavy responsibilities of her new role.

With their new mating bond still solidifying, Arianna and Rion arrive in Ruadhán, the royal city of Alastríona, so she can lay rightful claim to her throne. The city, however, is full of superstition about The Demon, and the pair is tested at every turn, especially by the male who is acting as regent . . . and was prophesied to be Arianna's true mate.

Though she aims to learn from those who have been ruling the city in her absence, Arianna's trust is shaken when she discovers the royal council is keeping life-altering secrets. Her search for the truth ensnares those closest to her as they work to unravel the mysteries surrounding the royal city and the Lord of Pádraigín.

And then a devastating mistake leads to bloodshed and an excruciating exile.

As Arianna's world turns upside down, she must decide what is real, who she can trust, and exactly what she is willing to fight for.

The second book in the #1 bestselling The Fae of Alastríona series returns readers to a land haunted by war, where hearts are tested and the truth will either destroy the continent or set it free.

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Book 3: Untitled


A Fate So Cruel

Rion Prequel

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